Rio Grande Turkey - Three day 2x1 guided Shotgun or Archery hunt - $1250 each.

Hunt Turkeys in the Big Bend country of West Texas. Plentiful birds, lots of gobbling, and beautiful scenery epitomize this hunt. If you want to take a turkey with a bow this is the place to do it. Sitting in an ambush blind at a watering spot or strutting zone and calling are very effective. Two birds per person.

All hunts for fall 2012 are booked.



Richard Venola, noted gunwriter for Guns & AmmoShooting Times, and Petersen’s Hunting, recently hunted wild turkey and javelina here at Longfellow Ranches. Venola is a retired Marine, served as the Editor of Guns & Ammo for two years, now resides in Arizona and writes full time. A man of rich experience hunting and adventuring around the world, he noted that Longfellow’s abundant wildlife and fine lodging is an experience that can only be matched in Africa. Watch for upcoming stories in Shooting Times and Petersen’s Hunting magazines.